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Cellatica Superiore DOC

Cellatica Superiore DOC

Grapes: 40% Marzemino - 30% Barbera d’Asti - 20% Schiava Gentile - 10% Incrocio Terzi

The blending of the Marzemino, Barbera, Schiava Gentile and Incrocio Terzi grapes, wisely dosed and amalgamated, produce nectar truly original that embodies within: richness, gentleness, and fullness.

It is a dry red wine. The colour is clear ruby red, with garnet red reflexes when aged. Its typical aroma is winy and fruited. The taste dry and pleasant. The ideal thing to do is to uncork the wine a little before tasting and serve at 18°C. It can age well from three to five years.

Alcohol by volume 13%

The wine is produced from the Winery own grapes harvested from vineyards registered with the DOCregister, production area of Franciacorta - Town of Cellatica and Brescia. The area is at foothills, the terrain is clayey.

Guyot planting system with 4,000 stocks per hectare. Grape yield 100 quintals per hectare.

Planting years 1991/1998

Grape harvesting is punctuated based on the degree of ripeness of the grapes and based on the wines to produce. It is traditionally and strictly done by hand placed in crates not exceeding 18 Kg. The grape without the stalks is left to ferment under controlled temperature (24°C) in temperature controlled stainless steel fermentors for about 10 days with the addition of selected yeasts. These processes are followed by daily operations of pumping the wine over the skins (called frollatura) and délastage, raking after fermentation, periodical operations of decanting and assembling the wines produced.
Filtration before bottling.

The storing of the wine is partially done in stainless vats and part in oaken barrels and barriques for at least 18 months before the bottling.

Food combinations: entrees, especially risotto with mushrooms, salamis, and main dishes of meat and grilled meats.

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