Antico Attico Milesi Wines

Franciacorta Brut DOCG

Franciacorta Brut DOCG

Grapes: 80% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Bianco

Alcohol by volume: 12,5%

The term “Bollicine“ (Tiny Bubbles) identifies the wines produced in Franciacorta. An appellation that defines well the characteristics of an effervescent wine.

Effervescence in wines is synonym of vitality and enthusiasm, it represents modernity although maintaining solid and unchanged the roots of our traditions. The Consortium for the safeguard of the wine produced in Franciacorta operates in Italy and throughout the rest of the world to convey exactly this strength and is capable of seducing the most refined wine connoisseurs and to captivate the most demanding consumers.

The Antico Attico Franciacorta Brut, produced by Milesi, is characterised by a straw white colour with golden green nuances. Its fragrance is fresh and delicate. It is to be served at 6-7C. It is a sublime wine whose full-body delicate taste but at the same time rich, does not ever overpower the meals it accompanies. But it extols and enhances them.

Harvest is done early and pressing very soft. Fermentation of the first pressing (slightly decanted and cold clarified) is achieved through the addition of selected yeasts and under controlled temperature in temperature controlled stainless steel vats. It is followed by operations of decanting, refrigeration and filtration. The draught is done in springtime.

Wine ages at 24/30 months placed in bottles and stacked horizontally in contact with yeasts and at a constant temperature of 10°C (prise de mousse).
Remuage (shaking) operations before disgorging. Then a small quantity of liqueur d'expedition (wine and sugar syrup) is added.
The ensuing Perlage (effervescence) is extremely fine and persistent, almost creamy, but the fragrance is mellow but decisive of matured fruit accompanied by delicate notes of white flowers and toasted dry nuts (almond and hazelnuts). The foam is abundant.

It is excellent for accompanying antipastos, but it is ideal for the entire meal. It is especially indicated with fish and shellfish.

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