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Terre di Franciacorta Bianco DOC - CURTEFRANCA

Terre di Franciacorta Bianco DOC

Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

It is a dry white wine. Straw-coloured verging on green. Its scent is fresh and fragrant with sensations at first flowery, then with hints of lavender, sage, lemon balm and white fruit.

It is to be served at 10–12°C.

Alcohol by volume: 13%

The wine is produced from the winery own grapes harvested from vineyards of the Gazzoli Estate - LATERRA, from vineyards registered with the DOC, register, production area of Franciacorta - Town of Cellatica and Brescia. The area is at foothills, the terrain is clayey.

Guyot planting system with 4,500 stocks per hectare. Grape yield 100 quintals per hectare.

Planting years 1991

Harvesting of the Chardonnay is late and manual, punctuated by ripening times of the grapes based on the level of sugar and acidity.

The production process features a soft pressing of the Chardonnay grapes (with pneumatic diaphragm press and loading of the whole grape), clarification of the must under controlled temperature. The first decanting and controlled fermentation is done at 17°C with inoculations of selected yeasts, at completion of the fermentation process, decanting and malolactic fermentation.

Processes of protein, tartaric stabilisation follow, before filtration and bottling.

Storage is done in temperatures controlled stainless steel vats for at least 6 months before bottling.
Improvement is accomplished in bottles and lasts for at least three months.

Ideal food combinations: antipastos with seafood salads, risotto, pasta with light sauces (pesto or tomato) and delicate cheeses. Excellent with fresh water and sea fish.

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